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Youth ministry at Park Place Church is unique.  We have youth from grade 6 up to Seniors in high school, meeting together for worship Sunday mornings at 9:45am in the youth room.

Walking into the youth room on a Sunday morning is a sight to see!  With a newly designed youth room, the space is filled with a cozy study corner where the students meet for their lesson,
The students are led by Anna Shelton through biblical history and foundational faith material.  

Anna, who has 18+ years of youth experience, has a huge heart for training up this next generation to share their faith bodly.  
After years of searching for the perfect curriculum, she has compiled and created her own mixture of biblical history, church history and apologetic curriculum that she tailors to her students each week.
With well known apologists Sean McDowell, Alisa Childers and Natasha Crane as well as Foundations Curriculum, the material that Anna has chosen has been vetted by Pastoral team and other theologically sound people at Park Place to make sure that our students are receiving the best and most accurate Biblical information possible.

Our youth are encouraged in their spiritual walks outside the church youth room.  Anna not only believes that Sunday leaning is important, but a daily walking out of one's faith that will help her students grow.  She offers a variety of choices for her students to choose from in order to meet this heart of hers.  The Bible Recap is just one example of how students are digging into the bible outside of the Sunday hour.

A second way that students are connecting with the word and each other is every other Wednesday night.  
This format of youth group is geared toward food and fellowship.  The students come for dinner, games and a mini lesson on living practically in the culture using biblical principals.  This is a highlight of the week for our youth.  They are constantly learning, growing and asking incredible questions about the Christian worldview.  

For more information on the schedule for Wednesday night youth group contact the church office.

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